Monday, September 22, 2008

Soups On!

Well, the temperature is dropping and it's impossible to resist making soup. We have a refridgerator full of seasonal, organic vegetables so I made up this soup to help them all dance together. Then, my friend got involved in this soup exchange and I'm jumping in the ring, too. A side note: I rely extensively on my cuisinart mini-prep and use pretty loose ingredient amounts, I hope this doesn't drive anyone nuts. Also, I made this as crock pot soup (love the way it fills the house when you walk in after a day of work) and made it a few weeks ago so I'm breaking the rules.

Swiss Chard and Navy Bean Soup:
- Use the mini-prep to chop one full onion and two garlic cloves
- Fry with olive oil until cooked through
- Meanwhile, use the mini-prep to chop a full carrot, and about 1 and a half big heirloom tomatoes
- Put the carrot and toms in the crock pot with the cooked onion and garlic
- Chop up chives, and add dried oregano: a handful of chive and about 1 teaspoon of oregano
- Rinse, thoroughly, a large handful of swiss chard. Remove the long stems and chop into smaller bits.
- Rinse a can of navy beans (or cook dried ones, which I never have time for)
- Add 4 and 1/2 cups of vegetable broth or water
-Chop up a potato or two into smallish bits
- Throw it all in the crock pot and add salt and pepper.
- Go off, do something fun and then come home to a great meal.


Beth said...

Man, I gotta get on the crock-pot train. This sounds amazing. Where's that darn $10 off coupon for B,B&B?

MamaBlogger said...

mmm, this sounds yummy and easy! i'm adding it to my soup list, but using rainbow chard since we have it coming out our ears right now :-)

Jessica said...

This soup looks great! There was beatiful swiss chard at the market when I was there! Thanks for joining in on the Soup Swap!

Juniper said...

Hmm good idea!!
Sounds like a very tasty hearty soup. Can't find chard or canned kidney beans here (maybe chard will come later in the season) but I can improvise! Still mid 90's here so will hold off till November. Always nice to have some fresh ideas for soups though. Makes me miss fall.

Joseph said...

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