Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lazy Stencilling

This just keeps getting better! These baby outfits are a complete cheater project. The dots and hearts were made using hole punches, how lazy is that! The crab and octopus were the cut-outs from freezer paper stencils I made for decorating the baby quilt that is (slowly) coming along. In all, I didn't have to even get out the exacto knife for any of these! Also, since I'm reusing old onesies, I didn't even need to buy any new supplies. Talk about whipping something up.

The semi-gender neutral outfits are for our baby-in-waiting and the girlie hearts are for my coworker and his wife, whose baby girl is due in December! Someday I will actually run out of people to stencil for and that will be a sad day.

In other fun stencilling news, I found this idea from This Mama Makes Stuff for using soft scrub bleach to stencil colored outfits. Brilliant!

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nettie said...

these are so cute! I love them.