Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hmm, I'm thinking...

A browse around Chickpea Sewing Studio has seriously piqued my interest in the idea of a birthing quilt. I love her idea of having something made specifically for the purposes of the birth process, not just a quilt for the baby after it arrives.
I've been amazingly blessed by having two groups of friends and family that pulled together baby quilts for my first son, which we treasure to no end and I always make my own for the little bundle. But the birthing quilt seems like a nice something for me to grip in the crisp reality of labor.
We are planning a natural birth in the hospital like last time, (a compromise because I'm skittish about home but our local hospital has low,low rates of natural, non-medicated births) with the same amazing doula (not a compromise, she's incredible), who did manage to turn the delivery room into a relaxing and ambient room most of the time. (My favorite part about her website is the Christopher Robin quote, "You're braver than you believe. Stronger than you seem. And, smarter than you think." Right, mamas?)
I think a birthing quilt could serve an interesting and unique role before, during, and after. Truly something there from home. Maybe with fabric scraps from the baby's quilt, maybe scraps gathered from friends and loved ones? I'm thinking something like this zig-zag quilt from A Quilt is Nice. Has anyone else done anything like this? I'd be curious about what was most appreciated "in the moment" or, in my case the "many,many moments that turn in many, many hours".

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Beth said...

What a fabulous idea. Maybe something in soothing colors? Or bright, really whatever you will enjoy looking at and focusing on during labor. I love the idea of having/making something that celebrates your transition as a mother. A quilt that represents your journey from conception thru pregnancy to the birth.