Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lovin' the boy gifts.

I had so much fun making these gifts for my son. The book took a lifetime; picking the pictures, transferring to fabric, different background fabric on each picture, and lastly embellishments. It turned out really fun, though. And, the best part is that I gave him a sneak peak and he enjoyed listing off everyone's name, which was the whole point.
Of course, he will forget he's ever seen it when it's revealed on Christmas morning. Overall, the book is pretty sloppy and was a test for the old machine but I kind of love its haphazard design and mismatched pages, it suits the chaos of our family life I think.
The magnets, well. These were a necessary follow-up to these magnets I had made earlier. Not only were they a huge hit originally but I had missed the essential tractor and garbage truck...had to redeem myself. Also, my personal favorite: I transferred a shot of a mobile hot dog stand into a magnet (2nd one down). Willie's Hot Dogs...cannot resist it! Makes me laugh.

The best part of all of this, though, is that it so pointless! I mean at this stage, I could wrap some of his current toys and take them out of circulation for a few weeks and they would seem like the most super fun this he had every seen! So, the whole time I putz away at these individualized creations I have to laugh at myself.

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