Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm not sure how to thank you...really

I should start by saying that the contractor working on our house project is great. His whole crew could not be more considerate or hard-working. But, he is a little, well, quirky. And, he showed up a few weeks ago with this, ahem, Butt Bench, for our bathroom. It came completely out of the blue. Turns out that as he approaches 60 he has started to consider retirement plans. Primary among them is the manufacture and sale of this bench that suctions to the bathroom wall and rests on the tub to serve as a butt bench. He has trademarked the name (!) and even has a patent pending on the invention. He's currently working on a website and happens to be looking for a pregnant model. Gulp. I have to say it's very handy as a pregnant lady to be able to sit and shave my legs and it's an attractive, handy addition to our tub. Not sure I'm ready to be photographed in a towel, however.

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