Sunday, March 15, 2009


Something amazing happens to me when I get pregnant. It's more fun than getting the line running from my belly button and even better than the little kicks...I get more 'good shivers'. You know, the kind that you get when people play with your hair and you are really relaxed. About four months into pregnant I start getting them for every small act of kindness...a thank you note, a smile in the hall, a toddler's little hand on my knee, etc. It's wonderful. And, I have to say that every time I get a box in the mail from Beth I get the good shivers before I even open it. But, truly, this takes the cake. A hand-knit 'nest' of four blue spring eggs in a beautiful brown nest alongside an amazing handmade card. It literally caused me to stop in my tracks and just enjoy the shiver. It feels like a true long-distance embrace of everything ahead for both me and my family. Thank you. And, it should be said that almost immediately all four eggs were stuffed into Cal's fire truck and then promptly returned to the nest. Guess the little guy wanted to give them a warm welcome, too.


ten finger workshop said...

beth is really talented ( and fast!) knitter. It's hard being far away from all our pregnant friends, this is a virtual belly rub.

Beth said...

Aww...shucks. Thanks. I'm glad that everyone in the family is enjoying it and I love that Cal immediately got his hands on them.