Friday, March 20, 2009

The Luckiest Little Man

It's hard not to feel like this little man-to-be is unbelievably blessed. And, you had better believe I am feeling the same.

Not only did my work colleagues throw me an amazing baby shower with homemade food but they bought gifts mostly from etsy and even connected with one of my craftiest friends for some amazing surprises. I just love the love that etsy spreads, it's such a good kind.

These beautiful booties, gorgeous sweater and baby soaps are all from work friends and were bought on etsy. The soap I have already sampled, got some for family at Christmas. My work colleague is friends with the soap maker, Marigold, and I have to say this is some good stuff. For her baby soap she did all kinds of research to create this baby-friendly soap. Her soaps are so gentle and smell good and don't turn into goop in your soap dish, an incredible combination.

They also got the baby an amazing owl mobile that I find myself just standing and admiring, as if mobiles weren't already amazing this felt owl-friendly creature is also red/white/black perfect for baby vision without being offensive to mama like so many conventional baby mobiles are.

Also, a while ago my work colleague had contacted my artist friend lily through etsy about her painted dolls. So, to my amazement the two of them had connected and through my work colleague lily sent this mobile (I said etsy love was good!). The ceiling in the baby's room is going to be filled with with floating, fun good feelings.

And, because Lily is just one of those people she went ahead and also sent doll version of our soon-to-be four person family. Check these out!! She custom makes these for sale on etsy and they are even better in person than you can imagine. I put them within view at my desk for two days and as soon as I brought them home my husband put them next to his bed so he looks at them in the morning. They are that great. I don't know if it comes across in the photo but the baby is in a sling and has a little leg sticking's too great.

All of this is coming from someone I work with, who happens to be an amazing photographer/ crafter in her own right. So, she went ahead and took four photographs using the dolls in different settings. No, I am not kidding! Check this one out.

So, now my plan is to frame all four photographs to put them up in our kitchen when it is finished. Talk about good shivers. I'm just a crazy bundle of good shivers. Babies bring such challenges and alot of that has been on my mind these days but, wow, they sure do bring some kind of special joy.

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