Saturday, April 18, 2009

Speaking of Octopi

I'm not that big into zoos, I mean I will go but mostly because it's something to do and other people like them. Overall, I find them depressing. I LOVE aquariums, on the other hand. My husband likes to joke that we visited half a dozen aquariums in the first years of our relationship. Every trip we took involved an aquarium. I'm especially fond of octupi and jellyfish...they are so beautiful and surreal. So this baby gift from my multi-talented coworker was greeted with great enthusiasm, at least by me. She crocheted an octupus onto a store-bought sweater for the cutest-ever hoodie.
Isn't this half the reason we have children, for great gifts like this! Then I saw this post over at Capers and Olives. What timing! Maybe crocheted sea critters are the next thing in the craft world. I sure hope so.
In other big news, my craft station is reassembled to the point of being in at least functional form in the basement. I'm so excited and brewing with ideas (not exactly time, unfortunately). I mean I have a new kitchen that is desperately in need of some textiles. Thinking about things like this.

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