Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Birthday Goodness

It's Papa's birthday! I decided that he also needed a birthday crown and added the ambulance more for the pleasure of our truck-obsessed two year old...who decided he also needed to wear his birthday crown if Papa was wearing his, though he knew it wasn't his birthday.
I also made this disasterous-looking cake that was truly gorgeous tasting. It's a cool whip frosting. Sounds awful but it is amazing. Truly amazing. Just make your own regular chocolate cake into two rounds. Then, the frosting is 1 cup powdered sugar, 1 package INSTANT pudding (my mistake was not using instant pudding mix and trying to correct for this mistake in various ways), and 8 ozs. cool whip. Mix together the pudding mix, called for milk according to pudding directions, and sugar. Then add the cool whip folding it in. It sounds odd but it is light and less sugary than regular frosting. Frost between the two rounds and on the top and sides like normal. I prefer it refrigerated a little bit. Fantastic!

Here is the crew enjoying it all. I also splurged on an odd but kind of great gift that I saw mentioned on Loobylu. It's a monthly subscription to funky t-shirts. It is pricy but I recently cancelled a credit card (you are upping the interest rate 100%, no thanks) and cashed in on my "points" that I didn't even know I had. Thanks American Express. Chumps.

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