Monday, May 18, 2009

Repurpose and Refresh

I've been enjoying using old fabric for a new purpose lately. Did finish this Ikea curtain apron for my mother and entered it into the Angry Chicken tie-one-on apron making group--the theme this time is pie making apron (deadline is July 1st, join in it's an easy way to get creative with your stash), which is why this little lovely has an extra blue pocket in the front...for your cherry pitter or whatnot. The other fabric is all vintage from my stash, which always feels good.

Then I refashioned the fabric from these curtains that we no longer need after our house work. I turned it into an art smock for the little man, complete with a front pocket with his name.
This also uses the pattern from Bend the Rules (that book is incredible) and will hopefully come in handy as our little guy ONLY wants to paint these days, coloring is so for one year olds.

Finally, I sewed this design onto a skirt, cut off a Lotta Jansdotter t-shirt I bought ages ago that somehow (I can't imagine how?) grew too small and one portion had a stain. So I cut out what I liked and used the rest. The skirt is a basic jersey from J.Crew, also really old, possibly 5 years but stretchy so I don't have the same problem. This was my first successful sewing with jersey and the interfacing under the design made it easier. Seems tricky to get it so the fabric doesn't pucker up and go wonky. Any advice? I've got about 10 onesies I'd like to reconfigure when I do finally figure this one out.

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