Saturday, June 20, 2009

Papa Pants

Another crease in the pages of Weekend Sewing and here it is. Papa's pajama pants for Father's Day. Doesn't every Papa need a pair of pajama pants that don't come off until around noon on a Saturday? I think so. I know my new BFF Heather Ross would agree (just kidding she doesn't know me...yet.)

I added a faux tie to the front of the pants both for the relaxed feel of things and to identify the front from the back...a problem with the handmade goods. The fabric is from a sometimes daunting website that always delivers the goods.


mama-pan said...

super cool! I really like the fabric choice--and I have been scrounging for another gift idea for my hubby who inconveniently has a birthday the same week as Father's Day... something like this would be great!

Lynn said...

This fabric is ridiculously cute! Do you happen to remember the name of it?