Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Matter of Personal Taste

This is a sized up kimono top and the bloomers from Heather's book Weekend Sewing. The bloomers are so easy to make and look really cute and I feel sort of excited and proud to have made bottoms and not just tops. Plus, the bloomers use elastic thread to create the leg bands rather than creating a casing and inserting elastic. Elastic thread, by the way, is my new favorite thing in the whole world. It opens a whole world of possibilities! It is so easy to use (just set a long stitch length something she doesn't mention in the book but is mentioned on my elastic thread package). It makes it so easy to do smocking and elastic armbands, etc.

I also created my own bias tape for the first time on the kimono so that it would match the bloomers. It was a bit trickier than I expected. Might have just been my fabric but it was hard to get it ironed down properly since it was cut on the bias...it just seemed to want to stretch out of shape. Anyone else have this problem?

Now, I made all of this with an upcoming wedding in mind. The wedding is in August so it will be hot and I thought our man might be crawling a bit (nothing like a little crawling butt in bloomers, right?) but I'm having second thoughts. I mean it would be perfect for a wedding...of two circus clowns! I have to say I didn't really think through how loud this would be as an outfit. Personally, I love it together but I think that might just be me.

It is too big on him but here he is modelling the whole 'carnie' look.


Julie said...

Seriously. Do you have 36 hours in your day on the Atlantic side of things? How the HELL do have time to be so creative and productive? I was proud of myself for getting the laundry done today. It's absolutely adorable and totally wedding appropriate.

mama-pan said...

hehe. I think it's great. You could always go with a brown or white pair of "dressy" shorts with the kimono top for the wedding. On bias tape, I have found it helps to kind of "hop" the iron along as the tape comes out of the bias maker, rather than slide it--if that makes any sense.