Monday, June 29, 2009

Quick T-shirts for change

No, not for a political movement. But, something nearly as pressing...the transition of my 2 year old to a different school with different teachers (but run by the same people as his current school) is just around the corner. So, similar to my hope with this top, I quickly made these so his first week of school (mixing these in with some he already has) will involve clothes he is pretty excited about. The horse top is all freezer paper stencil with a sewing stitch thrown in. The car top was lots of fun to make. I fused interfacing to the back of bits of old t-shirts, then cut bits and pieces as I pleased and sewed them together to make the car, adding stitched for details. I think there is going to be alot more of this in my future. The letters are from something I got at Michaels, called Generation X or something like that. And, I can personally vouche for their longevity. These buggers go on easily and stay stuck through wash after wash, I've used them on all kinds of things.

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