Thursday, July 9, 2009

Favorite Apron to date

My first 'full contact' apron, made using the pattern in Seams to Me. It is for Grandma, who makes the world's best jam, applesauce, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and banana bread in the world. And, this is exactly why the apron needed to be so sweet!
I really like this apron and the pattern is pretty great. I did do some shortcuts as Anna Maria's projects do tend to be meticulous and have lots of steps. That said, the apron has a pleat and a shaped waistband, all of which make the final product really nice. I decided against pleating the bottom half her style and did a quicker ruffle style, I also did not cut the head strap on the bias because I didn't have enough contrasting fabric. And, I skipped making a pocket for the same reason. Quick question: Why do aprons have pockets? I don't really use the pocket.
This was one of those projects where I spent the whole time thinking about my grandma and how much she was going to like this. At every step, picturing how much she would like the little details. And then, when it was all done, I had a quick little 'I kind of want to keep this for myself' moment. Somewhere in me a twelve year old still lives.


emilyg123 said...

I love it! It turned out great and is so cute. Grandma will love it.

mama-pan said...

oh, this is so sweet. I know what you mean about wanting to keep things for myself--sometimes I think I should just cut two of all my gift projects from the get-go.

On pockets--I actually love an apron with pockets--but moreso for housecleaning, etc. As you're picking up you can tuck all those little odds-and-ends like paper clips and markers away to deal with later. I feel like I've used them while cooking, too, though the specifics are not coming to mind...