Monday, July 13, 2009

the evolution of a hat

Felt a strong need to make something for myself the other week. So, I pulled Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing off the shelf and made her sunhat. It felt at times a little too awkward than it should be and sure enough, it turned out RIDICULOUS. This picture really doesn't capture how mad-hatteresque it looks. And, I found the brim far too long, good (I suppose) if you were gardening but when I wear a hat with this wide of a brim I can't find my periphreal vision.
So, I took another stab at it, shortening the brim by two inches. I discovered that I had inadvertently flipped the hat crown such that the sudtle flare down (you know, so that it fits across the forehead and narrows up around the top of your head) was facing up. This would be why it felt so awkward to sew and looked so silly. I'm much happier with the shorter brim and correctly sewn hat crown.

Ironically, the picture of the hat I like is a worse picture than of the ridiculous hat. I mean, seriously, is that chicken neck! Aren't I too young for that?

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Cristin said...

CUTE hat! I like them both! And you do NOT have chicken neck - you're crazy! ;-)