Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Good, Good Taste of Naptime

With my oldest in daycare and my maternity leave going until late September, this summer naptime is, wait for it...ME TIME! Not that naps are at all consistent or even all that long and there is always laundry and housecleaning and all that other stuff. But, on occasion, naps will extend beyond the time it takes to keep the house humming. And, lately this has happened more than once. I hope I didn't just jinx myself but there you have it. At the same time, our CSA is in full swing and the refrigerator is chock full of amazing greens and assorted vegetables. As a result, I've found myself reaching for this cookbook a lot lately, Feeding the Whole Family by Cynthia Lair. Cynthia is an instructor at Bastyr University in Seattle and an editor of Mothering magazine. The cookbook is full of information on foods good for breastfeeding moms and for just-eating babies. But, the recipes are also good and tasty not just healthy. I highly recommend it. And, who can resist the cover, made by the amazing Nikki McClure! With my pockets of time I was also able to sit down and read this article on Urban Homesteading in this week's NYTimes magazine. And, the article included a great recipe for a lemon tart. Now, I have a tart pan but I didn't even know it. I had to go to the Williams Sonoma website to see what a tart pan looked like in order to be sure that what I had was the right thing. My confidence in baking is so low. But, I'm getting there. So, I cooked up this lemon tart and I love it! I did substitute my own recipe for the pastry crust because I wanted to use the Cuisinart, which makes it so easy. And, the magazine's recipe had a great tip for rolling out the dough--stick it between two sheets of cling film. It's brilliant, it sticks to nothing and you can roll it as flat as you'd like. The tart itself is very rich and next time I might remove the lemon rinds because they can be strong but overall it was very good.

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