Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Purple and Rust

This bag is for me. It's not for any particular reason. The fabric is not scraped together from my stash, it was bought specifically for this purpose: a bag for me. I don't need a bag, I have bags. But, I needed to make this bag for me at this time. I just fell in love with this fabric and decided it was time that the machine was humming for something new for me.

The pattern is from Lotta's book, Simple Sewing. I found I had to made some modifications. First, it required lots of interfacing to give it some structure (the pattern doesn't call for any, which is crazy!). And, after my nesting blocks I had plenty of experience to make that happen! I also altered the front pocket so I didn't need twill tape. Instead, I used scraps sewn onto twill tape for the handles. I did also manage to make the bag with half yards rather than the yard it called for of both outer fabric and lining. The big front pocket allowed me to patch together scraps for the side underneath the pocket. I literally have one 1/2 inch by 3 inch scrap of fabric left. That would be the only thing frugal about this particular indulgence.

The bag is great. The front pocket fits the paper or a magazine or journal, a side pocket fits my water tin, inside pockets fit pens, phones, and keys leaving lots of room inside for everything else. My husband and I, realizing that we both need an occaisional break, have started taking 'nights' meaning one person on one night a week is free from any dishwashing, tidying, diaper stocking, laundering, or cleaning. So, on my night last week, I took this bag, put everything in its respective pocket, tucked the laptop in the bag and sat quietly in a coffee shop for a good 45 minutes drinking hot tea. Ah, bliss.

One of my discoveries was this: Spoonflower Print. You send them your fabric design, digitally, and they turn it into fabric for $18 a yard (quilting or upholstery weight). You can also choose to sell it through them. So many fun possibilities for really personalizing gifts. I know it is early but I can't help but think of Christmas! You can even get a swatch for $5 to see what it looks like. Here is one of the prints they sell, created by Tamptation.


emilyg123 said...

This looks like a really handy bag. I love that you made it just for yourself and not for any particular reason. i wish i could have joined you for tea! xoxo

Beth said...

The structure and shape of a basket with the beauty of fabric and functionality that only comes from sewing something yourself - I love it! Thanks for your project notes too. I'm in need of a bag with more 'stand-up-it-ness' than the totes I've made in the past.