Sunday, August 2, 2009

So Many Good Things Coming This Way

It really is true, there are a million good things landing on our doorstep these days. One of the more exciting is this collage, made by my friend Erin of Erin Jane Designs. She had made a collage for our first born so we commissioned this one for the baby.

Look at that sleepy little head surrounded by such happy goodness. Makes me glow every time I see it. Thanks Erin!

And, of course, the season isn't complete without some good, good yard sale finds. Got 8 of these pasta dishes and 4 tea plates. I'm crazy about how delicately the flowers bend around the side of the plate. The same yard sale was selling the strawberry embrodiered curtains below. I immediately thought "apron!" when I saw them and now I have more than enough for the perfect, sweet apron. And, I know exactly who it is for!

And, a few good things are heading out as well. Dear, dear friends of ours are getting married in a few weeks and they really just wanted money so they could have a gorgeous honeymoon in Barcelona. Now, I can't argue with that but really wanted to give them something. So, I made some fun mixy-match napkins and coasters for all of the mixy-matchy dinners that are sure to come.

There is something I really love about giving table linens as wedding gifts. I would guess it's about feeling like I'm at the table with them for all of the great things that happen over a nice meal. But, I also really like the idea of how worn napkins and coasters get and how they get softer and softer in the wash until they are telling their own stories.


Beth said...

Great post. So many lovely things in your life right now!

Erin Jane said...

Oh Melissa! You are so welcome! It was so much fun to do! Thank you for all your kudos and support. It means the world...