Monday, August 24, 2009

When Life Starts Anew...

it is time to take note and start some sewing.
There isn't actually any new life just yet, just lots of anticipation so far. A neighbor and friend is presently overdue and for her I stitched up a nursing cover. Just a piece of fabric really with a neck tie but I added heavy duty interfacing to the portion just below the chin so that she can peek down on baby. It felt like the perfect thing to make with my Amy Butler fabric. (So, just in case you are listening, baby, we are all ready for you!! It is getting to the point that I am fidgety this baby is so overdue.)

I also made some bibs from the Bend The Rules sewing book. I love these bibs, they are a good size and with flannel backing they can mop up a decent amount of drool (drool mopping ability illustrated below). Also, they are relatively easy to make and so can be a little addicting.
My supervisor, an amazing and kind woman with double graduate degrees in social work and divinity (um, yes, that amazing and kind), is also expecting in October. So, I pulled together more bibs and burb cloths using up the last of some of my Heather Ross fabric.

I love making things for babies, seems like the perfect response to all of that incubating and nesting. And, it became even a little bit more profound this week because my wonderful grandmother passed away. She left behind sixteen great grandchildren and thousands of people on this planet that are better loved and cared for just because she loved and cared for somebody else along the line. It all left me eager to greet the new people passing in.

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Cristin said...

I plan on making a nursing cover too! (i'm due in march) Well done! Seems easy enough, eh?
And CUTE little gift for your supervisor! LOVE that fabric by HR.