Monday, September 14, 2009

It just kind of happened

I have alot of craft supplies that I get a little posessive about.  I either really like them or I just really want them to turn out great and so I get a little intimidated about actually using them and, as a result, they just sit there.  This 'eraser' block is one of those things.  I just never had the perfect thing to make into a stamp and the whole stamp-making endeavour seemed like it required an art degree.  I think that it is possible I've had this for 8 years, which means it has moved with me four times, including overseas.  Ridiculous.  Going through my things the other day I ran across it and decided to just start carving into it. 

No plan, and clearly no art degree.  I didn't pre-draw anything just went with it.  It turned out fun. I think I like my little cards-that-have-no-purpose.  I like that my tree could double as a broccoli, maybe that will be handy some day.  It makes me want to make some beets to join the crowd.  Because, yes, I have a second block that I've also had for the same amount of time.  I really like the speech balloon.  I don't really know of the occasion in which one sends a talking tree card but it will come to me.

Now, to get up the guts to use some of my favorite yards of fabric.   


K @ Blog Goggles said...

That's awesome. Sometimes the best things come out of boredom!

mama-pan said...

very cool! I remember doing this in art class in elementary school--I can't believe none of us (me) sliced our hands open with the cutters. The cards are really pretty--I like the dialogue bubble one, too!


So fun...Cheers to creativity!

Amber said...

These are beautiful.. Well done! Have you come across this mums blog. She does some amazing art and her stamp carvings are gorgeous. Very inspiring!