Monday, September 7, 2009

Little Discoveries

These little discoveries are making me happy today:

The Sunflower Project, get some sunflower seed, plant them (you know next season), grow them and then track the activity of bees around it a little bit every once in a while, report it to this group of researchers trying to understand what is happening with the crazy virus all the bees have.  Projects like this just satisfy the little field researcher in me.

The Small Object's Recipe Review post-it notes, these are just crazy great.  Little post-it notes that you stick into your cookbooks with all your cooking notes so you don't forget next time you go to make it.  Done in the adorable Small Object way, or course.  I'm also dying to get a candle holder and I think the mustache magnet is brilliant. Her 'steno pad' site is fantastic, by the way, and has great do-it-yourself holiday ideas and strengthens my resolve to go 'hand (or artist) made' this holiday.

BuggaBugs felt food: this is the kind of felt food I want to stock in my son's little kitchen.  I did sign up for her newsletter and got the free instructions for making a strawberry and had to make three immediately because they are so fun and easy. 

Elsita's little ride, does it get any better than this for a boy's imagination? I think not. And, her blog is full of imaginative paper cuts, ceramics, and flower people as well as literally alive with imagination and heart.  
This Beach Cruiser Pillowcase is just pure fun.
I have always loved children's literature and especially love the art in children's stories from Ezra Jack Keats to Maurice Sendak.  This etsy shop has a small selection of books: The Art and Book Shop.  But, one of my books on the art of children's literature highlighted this, The Hole Book, and I'm in love with this cover.  So cute.  Apparently, the hole goes straight through the book and fits with the story on each page, including shooting a rabbit.  For this reason, the book isn't so popular anymore. We don't really kill rabbits as much these days I guess.
And, sigh, Saffron Craig.  Saffron is an Australian fabric designer with elegant but whimsical fabrics that make me want to try my hand at winning the lottery so I can spend my days making things with her gorgeous designs. 
The last thing making me happy, and this is making me really happy, my Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule of Soulemama arrived!  I browsed it first, then studied it a bit more carefully, and finally pulled out the post-it notes (the pretty ones) to mark projects for the future. 
And, with all of these good things swimming around in my head, I'm about at tired as little Adelaide right now.  Off to bed for me.

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Juniper said...

Wow- what a great collection of links to check out! I love the felt food and the little candleholder! Not to mention that great stationary!