Sunday, September 6, 2009

Little Tablecloth for a little Table

We picked up this table and three chairs for little more than nothing at a local yard sale.  The previous owners has covered the table in contact paper to make it easy to clean up and while I relate to the sentiment I do prefer the regular wooden tabletop.  However, when I removed the contact paper it left the top really sticky and despite three rounds of scrubbing at it with goo gone, it wouldn't budge.  So, I used my minny muu fat quarters from my recent trip to Spool to make this little tablecloth.  (The red gingham is from an etsy site Beautiful Living, full of gorgeous, vintage  mysteries! Do take a peek.)
Makes for a sweet little spot for my little guy's adventures on the front porch, which included a rooster that inspired me to pull together a new banner for the site.  I told the husband, "I like this new banner.  Might keep it for a while."  He just laughed because I really just like to move things around.  We'll see. 
I've got the holidays on my mind alot these days, seems the chill in the air and the long shadows of fall get the mind wandering toward December! 


Juniper said...

What a sweet little tablecloth! YOur sons are lucky to have such a mom. Really like the new banner!!!

Beth said...

Great new banner and what a fun table cloth.

I've got a question for you (maybe a future post?) I'm dreaming up a re-usable sandwich baggie or wrap and am un-sure what fabric(s) are foodsafe and washable/rinseable for the inside lining.

After doing about 15 mins. of internet research I'm scared to making anything (short of just using cotton). I was thinking of an oilcloth or home dec. weight fabric for the exterior and a lining made from the inside plastic bag of a cereal box. I also have remnanats of an old IKEA shower curtain that might work. What might your thoughts be on this?? Some options I've seen elsewhere include vinyl, PUL, cutouts from ziploc bags, and other laminated fabrics.