Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back at Work and On the Hook

After a spring and summer on maternity leave, I'm back at work on a part-time basis. Have been for a few weeks. We are all slowly but surely finding our footing in a new routine. But, it is no small feat to get the baby, the preschooler and ourselves out the door with lunches, diapers, and spare clothes in tow, nonetheless wearing clean clothes. (Clean is a relative term when it comes to the baby.) This set of hooks is helping us. I'm not normally all that organized but I fill bags with the essentials the night before and in the midst of morning chaos we are all grab-and-go.


REread said...

grab and go ... very organised!

Beth said...

Yes, we do the same thing. I can't say that I always have the bag(s) or lunch(es) packed the night before, but having lots of empty bags on hooks, near the back door, is very helpful in the grab-and-go that some mornings bring. A & O start kindergarten next year and we'll need to be out and at the bus stop by 7am. Yikes. I don't think any number of empty bags will be able to help me then :)