Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Details

As requested, some details on the baby's baby quilt from my lovely gammas. Ok, all the details that are possible to give. I've been thinking of this as the underwater square, love all the buttons!

The picture doesn't do this one justice. These three little perched birdies on vintage fabric are sumptuous.
This was an 'extra' sewn by my friend's friend, who also pulled the quilt together. (There were seven friends with quilt squares and eight needed to make a rectangular quilt) She apparently grew up in a household with lots of artwork and remembers having a wall quilt with a puffy bit on it so she added a puffy piece (with the D) so my kids could have the same experience...I know. Ahh.
This one is called 'peekaboo' and has little panels that move back and forth. I love thinking about how fun this will be when the baby is old enough to play with it. Love how the balls bounce right out at you.
Don't you love the green on green with this one?! What is hard to see in this one is the delicate hand sewing around each heart. Four hearts for the four members of our family. I'm starting to get choked up over here.
The umbrella. It's for protection she said. *gulp*
And yes, mermaids and fish swim by a sunrise and under the radar of a big wave. It's Heather Ross at her best, I swear. Made, incidentally, by a Heather, go figure.
This one is from the friend that is out everyday fighting for organic, local, and sustainable food both at her local farmer's market and in her entire region. So, a food basket is stunningly appropriate.
And, here they are all coming together in one amazing quilt. It celebrates my son's new little life and mine as well, as a mother of two boys. I am so inspired by the creative and unique ways that others view fabric. None of these women would say "I'm a sewer" and I think that is part of why this quilt is so incredible. It's just a gut level reaction to beautiful fabric with heart leading the way toward beauty. Thank you ladies. I am now officially all mushy inside.

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mama-pan said...

gasp--these squares are even more beautiful up close. You are a lucky lady to have such friends! I think my favorites are the "underwater J" and the umbrella. Or maybe the birds. Or the mermaid beach. Or the food basket or the peekabo or or or.... I will just say that my favorite is how remarkably they all come together! Thanks for sharing!