Friday, October 9, 2009




Rarely do I highlight when I've made something look worse (that it not to say that it doesn't happen all the time). But, had to laugh at the evolution of our porch. We originally thought we would go all DIY on this porch and had exciting plans...tear up the carpet and paint the floor, cover the porch furniture, etc. This was when we had just one child, who was still a baby. Now, with a two year old and a baby we had to adjust those plans and our expectations regarding decoration. So, in the end, we decided to surrender the porch to the kids. And, why not? I just find it easier to chill out if I'm not worried about keeping things looking nice. Bring on the markers and paints! And, even, dare I say--underpants!

The mobile hanging in the back is of historic maps of the world and was a gift, but I believe it came from Restoration Hardware and the train table and child table were from a yard sale. And speaking of, next weekend is our town's city-wide yard sale. I have high hopes my friends, very high hopes!


mama-pan said...

haha! Thanks for the peeks--both are great, but definitely in different ways! My house is almost always in the "After" phase, as in "after the hurricane." Oh well. So, how did you fare at the yard sales? We had a townwide one, too, but my brother was in town so no hunting for me.

Marchi Wierson said...

very charming post and funny!!