Friday, October 2, 2009

Group Projects

The title of this post would be more sentimental if I weren't already on the edge of emotional overload. Had an exceptional weekend this last one. Took a solo trip to Michigan for a friend's wedding, my first solo trip since becoming a parent. And, it wasn't just a friend's wedding it was one of my dear gamma girls' wedding. Gamma being the pretend sorority that formed around like-minded, strong-willed women friends from college. Nothing against real sororities, we just happen to be a fake one. We've a love for each other that spans breakdowns and loose ends, life shattering events and life affirming ones.

And, gammas are pretty big on group projects and rituals, I must say. This being our latest, the collective cookbook. We all pulled together great recipes, decorated the 'snot' out of them (as has been said), slipped them into plastic sleeves and into a three-ring binder that I then created a fabric cover for. We also tucked in some extra sleeves so it can grow as her life as a married woman grows.
(Yes, I stole the decoration from the Joy of Cooking. I used freezer paper for the writing.
And, this apron was thrown in to boot. EVERYONE, except me, immediately saw the vintage apron and went in a naughty direction. (Not sure what that says about me.)) The gifts were given in moments stolen from the wedding reception. And with hands held in a circle we also bestowed wedding blessings. In full, a recipe for soulful living.
And, not just that! I was surprised to find that there was a gift awaiting me! The quilt kits that I sent out had been oh-so-creatively used to perfection. The resulting 8 quilt squares made up a vibrant and positively artistic baby quilt for my youngest son. This pictures doesn't do it justice whatsoever. But, there are birds and peekaboos and umbrellas and puffy letters and sunrises and hearts and as much loving as a sewing machine can stitch up.


Julie said...

oooooh, that is a pretty quilt. Yeah, Gamma!

mama-pan said...

what a sweet, sweet group of friends--so glad you had time to reconnect! Any chance you can share the "no bake oatmeal cookie" recipe I spy in the cookbook? And some closeups of the quilt squares would be lovely, too. (Figured I'd ask while I'm being bossy, you know.)