Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Whoosh...a few gifts in the bag.

It is always easiest to get gifts done for my preschooler, he's at this beautiful imaginative stage. These are two capes for my growing superhero, who is definitely able to save my day. Particularly after a long day at work (ah, back to those again!) when he is dying to show me his new dance and sing a new song. It's impossible not to smile and melt into the silliness of his world.

I got the pattern instructions from Alicia Paulson's Stitched in Time. The fun thing is, it's easy to make two capes into four by making them reversible.

This robot is made of interfacing-backed t-shirt stitched and cut into a little robot man. We are kind of into robots these days and I'll admit I'm pretty happy to see our interests broadening from trucks.

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Juniper said...

Oh these are so cute! Love the star one - and the robot!!! However do you manage to find the time?
Working and balancing two children is a major juggling act. After a year hand half of gathering dust, I am finally taking my sewing machine to be fixed this week!!! Hope to be joining you in the sewing world again soon!