Thursday, October 22, 2009

These are not oreos...

...but they were supposed to be. It's just that I got busy and lazy at the same time. I made up the dough using this recipe, then rolled it into a log to put in the freezer as a cheater's method (see lazy) thinking I would just slice it up and bake it when it got cold. And, I did that, just a day later (see busy). And, the log method made for pretty uneven cookies, some are huge and others are small. They also came out flakier than oreos. I was going for mint oreos so I added peppermint extract to the frosting, which is gorgeous. Actually, the cookies are great, like sophisticated oreos. With the peppermint they seems sort of holiday-ish so could become an annual treat. Maybe add a red swirl to the filling. Hmm. Overall, they were more work than I'm used to with cookies, but nice.

Oh, and side note. Thanks to Elsie Marley for the whole realization that one could make their own oreos and link to TWO essential recipes. Blogland reads my mind sometimes or maybe blogland is actually planting these things in my mind, I don't really know.

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kristi said...

i made this same recipe for my son's 6th bday party last april. i was way more impressed with myself than the class of kindergarteners was with my homemade discs. :) still, i think it's kind of a tough recipe (i thought so at least--all that freezing, rolling out just right, etc.).

good idea to use it as a holiday recipe and add the peppermint!