Monday, October 26, 2009


Dude! I made this little bag. I'm so excited I needed two picture. There are oodles of mistakes, sewing the gusset to the outer bag got a bit messy and on and on. But, still I'm feeling a little over the moon. It is just so darn cute. (It's from Patchwork Style which is translated from Japanese into English. While this is definitely part of its charm, I could have used a bit MORE translation to be honest. Took an entire three-hour nap to decode how to get started and cut the fabric and...c'mon three-hour naps don't come along that often.)


mama-pan said...

fun! what will you use it for?

Little C and Little J said...

it's a good question. I'm not sure, it's not exactly gift-worthy but would be so sad to have it languish in the craft box!

Juniper said...

Sweet little bag! That books looks good (like put on the christmas list good). Ha ha I so well remember the delirious three hour nap work time, a mad frenzy of crafting or cooking... never knowing when it will have to come to an abrupt end. It's so gratifying when you can actually finish something in that time!