Friday, November 27, 2009

a polyester situation

Hoping everyone had a happy thanksgiving. It occurred to me as I buzzed around cooking, happy as a clam, that NOTHING beats a holiday centered around food and thankfulness. None of the expectations that accompany Christmas, just a nice meal giving thanks to those we love. This year I gave thanks for my dear Grandmother who passed. In great Norwegian tradition we indulged in lefse (like a potato crepe) from the recipe she has passed down. Filled with warm butter and sugar it evokes every holiday memory I have ever experienced and this year was my son's first bite! Oh, the joys of tradition and the pull of lineage.
Along those lines I recently inherited this beautiful fabric from Grandma's sewing scraps. Trouble is, and you may have already guessed this, it's polyester. Not the thinner, drapy kind of polyester, the thick, real, from-the-70s kind of polyester. But, other than that, it really is lovely and I'm dying to use it for something. So, I'm asking...any ideas friends?


mama-pan said...

happy thanksgiving! so glad you enjoyed memory-food. hmm, what to do with your grandmother's polyester... I mean, if you aren't going to do them justice with a leisure suit or minidress, maybe they would be nice as the lining of a beach bag, or some kind of accessory for your porch? Cut into strips and crocheted into a rag mat? Retro guitar or camera straps? Kids's capes? erm, I'm blanking here on the last time I used this kind of polyester, so I'll be excited to see what you come up with!

Little C and Little J said...

Love these ideas!! Thanks.