Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More Font Gazing

This whole font thing is, as is always the case with me, getting a little out of hand. I am font stalking all the time and have even started running internal critiques---oh, that is NOT a good font for THAT. (Anyone own the Brett Dennen album, So Much More? The font on the spine of the cd is ALL WRONG, truly. I mean**italics** it just doesn't do the album justice.) It also helping me appreciate some of the ordinary sites around me, like these in this post.

It can also preoccupy me while reading a book to the kids for the umpteenth time. The font in "A Pocket For Corduroy" might be my favorite, check out the word dizzy. It is glorious.
No one in our house knows where this 'promise' pencil came from but how fantastic is that? Have to say, it turns out, there are very few fonts that I actually find appealing. Next up, to feed the obsession, is to find time to watch this movie. Will let you know how it is.


emilyg123 said...

don't, i repeat don't go to

mama-pan said...

I'm loving these font posts--thanks!