Friday, January 8, 2010

End of the week of shapes--my choice..the curly q!

Happy Friday and thanks to ten finger workshop for the week of shapes. Today is my choice, I have a deep love of the curly q...going back all the way to middle school. (In many ways I'm still a middle school girl at heart). This particular curly q is on the bottom of a cabinet that was made in China and is decorated with red and a weathered gold detail, my husband and I are both very fond of it even though as a cabinet it is not very practical or useful.

I'm already hunting around looking at lines and shadow and awaiting Lily's instructions for what comes next. Have to send you all off into the weekend with a nonsense song that has been on my mind lately. Enjoy!

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ten finger workshop said...

GREAT curlly Q!! What a lovely thought & photo, thanks again for doing it with me. I can't wait to do another. Or maybe I should start looking for fonts, maybe an alphabet challenge????