Sunday, January 10, 2010

The redemptive cheesecake

After my disastrous coconut cream pie made for New Years, I was searching for a dessert to redeem myself in the kitchen. I feel fully vindicated after baking up this amazing cheesecake. It is from the Tom Douglas cookbook, Seattle Kitchen. While living in Seattle I would occasionally treat myself to a dinner at one of his restaurants (usually when my parents were visiting, it was my starving twenties after all). He is a lover of Seattle and all of its culinary delights and his cookbook is living proof of that love. This is the chevre cheesecake and while it sounds odd to have goat cheese in a cheesecake the result is incredible...not too sweet with enough of a bite to it that gives it great depth of flavor. He calls for blackberries but I worked with what we had and soaked frozen blueberries in lemon juice and sugar for a few hours while the cheesecake cooled.


Juniper said...

Looks delicious! Well done!! It's been years since I ate or made a cheese cake and I miss it!! Although I was contemplating a ricotta and kumquat one yesterday ..maybe once I stop all this coughing! We have a wee tree and it is the only thing I can think of to do with the kumquats. You've given me just the little push I needed- thank you!

ten finger workshop said...

looks awesome. I love the whole goat cheese, lemon juice soaked blueberries combo. And don't you love just using what you have in the freezer!