Thursday, January 14, 2010

The lost post

I posted this already and then it was gone. First it posted with a random date and then when I changed the post date it disappeared. This is actually the second time this has happened and both around tote bag posts. Do I talk about them too much? Is it that bad? Well, here it is again (I hope). (And yes, for those asking 'you can have one'...I think it's time to get thinking about a barter!)

This was another bag made for my sister for Christmas. From the pattern I'm obsessed with, it's a simple tote with just a bit of a gentle slope that makes it more all-purpose than a boxy grocery tote. The fabric is from Ikea, surprisingly.


ten finger workshop said...

looks great, I love the extra art room.

mama-pan said...

love how you laid out the fabric on it--very pretty. I do like some of the IKEA fabrics, though others are a little too "bold" for me.