Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We made some cards this year. Easy ones, just stuff on hearts. Most were made with markers and stickers but a few with glitter glue. Glitter glue is our new thing. Mostly, we like pouring vast quantities of it onto our paper and mushing it all together. Which is why we are nearly out of the stuff. It reminds me of Beverly Cleary, when she squeezed out all of the toothpaste from the tube, just because she couldn't resist it. And, then she had to use the saved toothpaste out of a plastic bag until it was all gone. Oh, how I could relate to wanting to do that. This is why I can't say 'no' or try to coax him into 'properly' using it. What is proper use of art supplies anyway? So, we pour and smoosh.

Happy Valentine's Day. Hoping you find the time to misuse some art supplies, have belly-aching fun and slow down for a wisp of romance.

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Three Owls said...

I'm in complete agreement that there is not a wrong way to use art supplies....although I have been known to limit the daily supply :) cute post.