Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Very Own Ransom Note Alphabet

It was something Lily said in one of her comments that got me hooked on this idea of finding the alphabet, ransom note style, in my surroundings. And, once I had the idea it was lodged permanently and hauntingly in my brain. This crazy alphabet is the result. I'm not happy with everything, wish I'd found a nicer H and that the T and the X weren't from the same thing. But, overall, it was fun and completely random and got me looking around my little world a little different. Next up, numbers!

By the way, there is still time to join the barter! In fact, alot of it, as it looks like I might be bartering with myself soon. So, pretty please, join in the fun!


Juniper said...

Cool alphabet! Am not sure if I am part of the barter swap but I am certainly heading off this week to the post office with something in it for you!

mama-pan said...

love it! Also, I posted below, too, but I did finally get a barter post up--thanks for initiating!