Friday, March 12, 2010

Clear Noses Up Ahead

{crocuses from our garden}

We are off this weekend for our first family vacation (as a clan of four) and heading all the way to California. I can barely contain my enthusiasm...bags are packed with things like strappy heels and capri pants (that is not to say that I would wear them together, mostly because the strappy heels are being worn with a little black dress on a date with my sweety. Oh yes, we found a sitter through a friend)! I have high hopes that the trip will end the crazy cycle of sniffles, coughs and sickness that is thundering through our lives right now and THEN when we get back it will be full-strength springtime. Is that a crazy expectation? I don't care. I'm living on the California dream right now.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Live it, sister. Live the dream. I cannot wait to be California Dreamin' with you! Expect my call at 9:30 Thursday eve...