Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stitching Class!

I don't really have any friends that sew in my area, it is part of what makes this blog so rewarding--the ability to connect to other sewers. But, I'm working on a recruitment plan! In exchange for a free lunch I lugged my sewing machine into the office and conducted my first ever Stitching Class (the tall one in the green sweater). We only had an hour and mostly spent it figuring out how to thread the different machines.
My evil trick was to help them thread their machines and then pull it all out and do it all again! Because, seriously, threading it is so intimidating until you can do it on autopilot.
We went over preparing fabric, cutting fabric with a cutter and self-healing mat, woven cotton versus knits, and then the introduction to their machines. It was so fantastic. I don't really think of myself as super knowledgeable about these things but I had an answer for every question. And, most importantly, I saw it. I saw the look that said "This is fun and I could get into it." They are already busy arranging the next date and I already have our next class agenda all planned out.


Juniper said...

Well done you!!! Great idea, nice photos and explanation of the process and the feel of how it went! Sewing is a nice skill to share, just like knitting.

Julie said...

I don't know, Meliss. I'm starting to think you need to ENGAGE with the world around you. You don't really DO enough with the time the glorious live long day alots.

For real? You are my It's Not Crafty, It's Arty Goddess.

And I want to share every lunch break of my life with you.

mama-pan said...

how cool, and how generous of you! I love how happy your friend looks as she runs the machine. please keep us updated!