Monday, March 29, 2010

Picnic Time

I noticed recently that my wedding gifts tend to be food-centered--table runners, napkins, coasters, etc. I think there is something about new love that is equivalent to indulging in good food. There is certainly alot of romance in good food. Whatever it is, this is the latest addition to my food-centered wedding gift list.

It's a picnic bag with roll-out placemats inside...everything you need for a picnic except the food. I also threw in a neoprene wine bag (though it occurred to me afterwards you could sew in a wine pocket!). As they live in California I hope it gets some use.

I imagine wildy romantic things about newlyweds, actually I do this with most people who don't have children. They must have SO MUCH FUN cooking together--their heads tossing in laughter, soaking up amazing non-toddler music, running carefree through fields to get to the perfect picnic spot on a rock in the middle of the countryside, feeding each other strawberries and wine when things get out of in the movies. Is that what it is like, I don't remember anymore? Of course, they probably have jobs and bills, too, children didn't invent those things.


mama-pan said...

so lovely--I recognize those ikea fabrics but would never have thought to pair them--way to go! You may inspire me to crank out some similar items as post-wedding gifts, too.

emilyg123 said...

I love this too! Once we get through our disgusting May Gray, we will be using them all the time. Wonderful gift! I also went on your site to check the date of this post, since I had been looking for blog posts that would indicate what my wedding present was going to be. I was snooping. Good call on posting on the 29th. xoxo eg