Monday, April 26, 2010

Essential Books for Expectant Music Lovers

These two books: JAZZ ABZ by Wynton Marsalis and The Long Gone Lonesome Story of Country Music by Bret Bertholf were just shipped off to a music-loving friend with a baby due any day. They are, quite possibly, the best books ever for music people of any variety (with or without kids). They are both books with great illustrations that adults can pour over and kids can appreciate, too. And while they aren't really books for young kids, I still qualify them as a super great gift for expecting parents just because they are unexpected and fun.

I'm not necessarily a jazz or country music fan but there is no denying their place as vertebrae in the backbone of music history, right? Plus, what child doesn't need a solid understanding of both Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and Honky Tonking?

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mama-pan | Mary Frances said...

cool! they'll be happy to get these.