Saturday, May 1, 2010

Witches Brew

It's not really witches brew but I'm starting to feel a little witchy with all of the homemade brewing and concocting going on. It is just so addictive to make things myself. They feel more pure and are such high quality but are inexpensive in the long run. Most of the recipes call for use of essential oils and they are definitely the most pricey items but they will last forever, as you only need a few drops most of the time. In fact, I wish they sold them in smaller bottles because I could supply the whole neighborhood with the ounce bottles I've got.
But to keep things on the frugal side, I decided to save old containers for everything I make, which means I spend NOTHING on packaging and save it from the recycling bin. It's amazing what can be reused--like an empty glue stick repurposed as a bug balm stick! So, for my sister's birthday I decided to make her a few things. She is possibly the only person in my world that wouldn't give me a funny look at getting homemade deodorant on her birthday. Bless her.
In addition to deodorant, face oil, and face cleaner I sent lip balm, rose-geranium solid perfume and cucumber perfume (seen below) packaged in an old eye shadow container, which worked like a charm. All sent in a vintage gift bag.

For myself, I also made (using a tutorial from the fantastic notions and threads. thank you!) I made these lavender sachets for throwing in the dryer and making clothes smells nice without the use of chemicals. Then, shazam! I threw in a few toads and flew off on my broom.


Three Owls said...

bibbity bobbity boo... good for you :) I am going to do those lavender dryer sachets too... thanks for the link :)

Julie said...

I made the facial cleanser and detangler today. LOVE them both.

mama-pan | Mary Frances said...

lucky sister!! mine is even more au naturel with her beauty products than I am, so maybe she will make me a gift bag like this :-)