Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Birthday Season Over Here

Birthday season hits hard and fast in this house as all three of the boys (including one Papa) have birthday's within a 6 week period. So, I usually have grand plans and accomplish about 2/3rds of it all if I am lucky. But, the birthday crown is essential and the baby joined the ranks of the crowned last weekend! It is crazy that he is one. Crazy, for real.

I also hung a birthday garland with month-by-month pictures to capture the year. Have done this for the first birthday of both of the boys and I love having them around the house.

We went from this sleepy, tiny man...
to this open, eager, curious, engaging one year old.

Time moves both painfully slow and dizzyingly fast in this whole parenting gig. It's beautiful and terribly ugly, too. I'm not nostalgic (too much) about being through our first year with two young kids, but I am feeling reflective. We are absolutely, positively done having children and so, suddenly, here we are...on the cusp of whatever adventure comes next.


ten finger workshop said...

happy birthday boys! I love that garland, such a wonderful idea. I can't believe he's one already, that went fast!

mama-pan said...

Happy birthday, everyone!! Those guys have a great mama--I love the banner, and the crown is perfect. Congratulations to YOU on the first year with two!

Julie said...

Happy birthday, sweet boys all! Hope it's a deliciously good season of celebrating. The joy and anticipation around birthdays is one of the many unanticipated kicks of parenting... It's just SO exciting again! :)