Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's CSA Season!

Our CSA food has started rolling in after much anticipation--I've been calling the 'veggie hotline' a few times a week to hear when it would start up. It also means we could go strawberry picking. This is the first year to bring both kids, which means our youngest has the pleasure of sitting in the field and shoving warm strawberries, mixed with dirt into his mouth. He could not have been happier and I have to imagine he is building an iron-mans immune system. In total, we brough home 8 quarts of strawberries, which means I need to phone my grandmother for her 'freezer jam' recipe. I'm not quite up to canning yet but her freezer jam is heavenly and with my new bread making skills....mmm, we are in for a treat.
We are really determined to use our CSA veg to their full capacity. This is the first year we aren't sharing a box with anyone and given that about a dozen heads of lettuce are in this week's box, it means we have quite the job ahead of us. In that spirit, I made these salad bags. A neighbor of ours does this...she stores her greens in terry cloth bags in the fridge, it keeps the greens fresh for longer and they are reusable, quick storage. I didn't have terry cloth but did have semi-gauzy curtains. I am hoping it has the same effect.
I went ahead and used my broccilli stamp to make little labels for the bags, otherwise once the greens are in the bags it is kind of hard to see what you are dealing with. I did finally figure out threading and rethreading my serger machine and got it working (more on this revolutionizing life change in a later post) but it makes bag making so fast and easy it is insane. So far, I have four of these bags and the actual bag-making part took minutes. MINUTES! It's wonderful. I'm in full serger love mode.


Todd Cambio said...

oh so wonderful, strawberries already! What a great idea for those greens bags. Don't forget, that dough recipe is great for pizza dough too, you can add your spinach on top too !

Todd Cambio said...

It's not really todd, it's lily but he would have said the same thing!

mama-pan | Mary Frances said...

oh, this post is calling my name!! our CSA started up this week and we are headed to the strawberry fields tomorrow.... we share a box but we are also excited about the challenge of using up all those veggies! I'm looking forward to reading lots of food-related posts from you this summer! (and also to hearing more about the serger; very cool!)

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