Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our New Friends Salsy and Malcolm

Some wonderful new additions arrived last week after a long journey from Juniper, over here. Little C immediately took a liking to the elephant and named him Malcolm, the mischievous bunny became Salsy. We are all positively tickled at their arrival (only partially because the package also included one of the best books ever and chocolate among other things.) but mostly because they are so well made and are such beautifully quirky friends.
In honor of this great gifts and the inspiration I get all the time from my wonderful crafting friends (those I have met and those I have not)--a few favorite songs floating around these walls:

- Laura Marling, Blackberry Stone

-Sam Amidon, Wedding Dress (you have to love a song that says "all she does is just sit and sew" and You Better Mind (with Beth Orton)

1 comment:

Juniper said...

So glad your boys liked them! Oh what great music links!!! Am especially smitten with the wedding dress one!