Friday, May 14, 2010

Kids Clothes Week--Days 1-4/5

I have really been enjoying all the kids clothes sewing this week, but funny thing is, by sewing for at least an hour a day (I find I often go over once I get started) I am not blogging. Logical, I suppose, but it seems like other parents have clones or something. I am very jealous of their time management skills not to mention their talent (check out what marzipan has been making!). On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I pulled together this little ensemble for the baby. The patterns are both from Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing and are great, though the shirt can get a little tricky with the collar and all. I used one of my husbands old work shirts to make the top and I love how it came together. It's an awesome re-use of what was great quality fabric in the first place. I added cuffs to the Huck Finn pants pattern, I wanted them a bit longer and I liked the idea of it all matching. I don't match my own clothes AT ALL but love when kids outfits are matchy.

And this? It's just an extra photo to highlight how dang cute this kid is.

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