Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day and now, Mother's Work

The one thing I asked for as a gift on Mother's Day was a hike. I was positively spoiled in lots of ways and we did, indeed, take a hike. I love outdoor adventures but we haven't done too many since having kids. It is beginning to feel like we can slowly but surely get out for more these days. This one was a complete success.
Little C, our 3 year old, was crazy about it and chattered on an on. We did a 'quick' 20 minute loop that took us about an hour with all of the off-path adventuring we did. I forgot how amazing moss and fallen wood is when you are three. He is learning about his 'five senses' at school and kept saying "I'm hearing lots of birdies! I'm using my five senses!" I just about died.

Now, It's time for Elsie Marley's Kids Clothes Week! Last night was the cutting and today is sewing! My plan, so far, is to make Little C: one button down shirt and complete a freezer paper stencil sweatshirt and for Little J: one button down shirt, matching pants, one 90 minute shirt, and complete a freezer stencil sweatshirt. I'm not really going too ambitious and not even going that seasonal (I mean, sweatshirts?!) but I'm aiming to just be able to actually stick with the plan of sewing for one hour a day. My gauge of success is fairly low. It helps me feel like a rock star.

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mama-pan | Mary Frances said...

you ARE a rock star, lady. I love that photo of the stump--it reminds me of a fingerprint. and I have some 90-min. envelope shirts planned, too, so please share any tips you come up with--we'll see how many minutes it takes me.