Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Vespa Shirt

A while back, before my 'not going to buy things I don't need' vow, I was in Target and found piles of blank t-shirts and sweatshirts in both of the boys sizes. I finally got around to playing around with them. This one, for the big boy, turned into THE VESPA SHIRT. No real just happened. I made the design using old t-shirts that had interfacing ironed to the back of them. I started by drawing the base picture (using a dried soap sliver) on black before cutting out the design.

Then, laying the next color level behind the black image, I drew on the pieces I wanted green.And, so on and so forth...until I stitched it all together piece by piece onto the yellow t-shirt base. So easy! Last, of course, was sewing it onto the t-shirt. I didn't use a stretch needle or use the serger, the interfacing was sufficient in keeping the fabric stiff enough to be able to use a regular needle and straight stitch.

I actually considered holding off on this project and waiting to work on it until Elsie Marley's Kids Clothes Week next week. Isn't that sad? I'm just at a bit of a loss, still, regarding what to make the boys for clothes. This idea was like liquid gold for Kids Clothes Week! But, I wanted to get it to my son for his birthday, which is what happened in the end. Yay for my integrity!


mama-pan | Mary Frances said...

I'm laughing out loud here because I was totally plotting what works-in-progress I could leave unfinished for next week so they'd "count" for the challenge. birds of a feather, my friend. I settled on pre-cutting some new projects so I can feel like I accomplish something in the first few days. And that Vespa shirt is so great, I think you definitely deserve to double-count it. What about stamping/stenciling a matching Vespa silhouette on some plain shorts they already have?

Custom T-Shirts said...

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Juniper said...

Love the design! Very cool little shirt!

Off The Peg said...

Cute scooter