Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Barter Action, Jackson

I must apologize for taking so long to post this! The barter is in full swing. Mama-Pan from This is Marzipan is joining in a second time with her same marketplace. Mama-Pan is not only a great, imaginative sewer she is also a lovely person and thoughtful blogger so do check out her great market.

Also, a new friend is joining in, Luiba. (I know, you love her already, right?) She is offering a pre-made amazing item that somebody is going to love to death, a pigorabbit. Yep. Check it out. Also, she has an etsy store filled with lovely items AND she is due with her first child anyday. So, we all get to be a part of that incredible baby build up and then birth experience. (See. Isn't barter nice?)

I know that Beth from At The End Of This Row is going to post soon as well. So, stay tuned! I'm working on what I want to give 'to market' myself. Ah, so much going on. I love it, I love it. All of this will be on the side bar (haven't figured out the 'new page' thing yet.)

This is a picture from a book bought at a yard sale this summer. I'm just in love with it and didn't want a lonely post with no picture. Enjoy.

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Beth said...

My list is up - thanks again!