Friday, July 30, 2010

A Regular Scarlett O'Hara

I've been feeling the need for something new in the wardrobe lately and have been a bit disappointed by what is in the shops. I feel like my style is not quite eccentric enough to fit Anthropologie, not preppy enough for standards like J.Crew and just not quite loud enough for Boden. Not that I don't shop at those places but they aren't quite making me happy these days...that said the fall Boden collection is calling my name. So, I was inspired to try making something myself. I bought this book, Sew Serendipity, (which is only ok, but that's another post for another time). This skirt, is just a basic a-line but includes waistband facing, a zipper, a hem band and pockets that are making me feel proud of myself. This version, made from a pair of cafe curtains I found roadside (yay!) is my muslin. I put in enough detail that I might wear it, if I found the right top for it, but was also able to feel comfortable making mistakes. Now to muster up the courage to cut into some of my favorite fabrics!


mama-pan | mary frances said...

hey, I love it! you are also Fraulein Maria, don't forget ;-)

Juniper said...

Nice job!! I had high hopes of making some skirts this summer too but have not managed. I like that you have some cool pockets too (wish more skirts had them).

BTW I inherited my mother in laws very old singer sewing machine so never had to contemplate buying a machine here, also I have never had an instruction book (wish I did). I would say your friend should maybe get a second hand one in Italy (think the power wattage difference may alter things if she brings one from the states). Plus it means she can ask for help when she needs to, find out where to get buttons, fabric etc. and it may be a good contact in a new place.