Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Scrappy Zig Zag

I've been meaning to make this zig zag quilt for a long time but was intimidated by the whole 'beyond beginner' quilting. So, I sort of timidly started with some scraps leftover from these napkins. And, I found it was easier than expected and I love how it looks. So, I kept digging for more scraps and even pieced some stray bits together to make it all work. It got to be a little obsessive...wanting to make this entirely out of scraps and begin emptying out the scrap basket. Of course, it had to stop somewhere so the whole thing is pretty odd-sized and I don't have any real plans for finishing the quilt or what to do with it after it is done. But, I'm suspending my goal-oriented needs for now and just enjoying the quilt top.
The whole technique is really straightforward. Squares sewn together to make there is no need for actually sewing triangles (thankfully). That said, I did pull out my seam ripper more than I would like to admit and it will still need lots of cutting to straighten it into a true rectangle.

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